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Hallo to everybody. First spring sun start to warm up  a south faces of local sandstome towers of Teplice and Adršpach rock towns and near by table mountains Ostaš and Hejšovina. So our climbing school and climbing courses Tomadventure are also warming up (we love sun a lot) and we start to prepare next year with you. Therefor we are taking your orders for our climbing courses in Teplice and Adršpach rocks and we can book a our climbing course  Adršpach for you.  Thanks and best regards your Climbing school and climbing courses Adršpach and Teplice - Tomadventure

Down you can see picture from first ascent in Teplice rocks from part Bašta.



The summer is running well now and so on our climbing courses are.. It is a bit hot now but we are still able to find a shady place for our sandstone rock climbing school or courses. So be welcome to vist this special part of Czech republic and discover a unique rocktowns of Adršpach and Teplice. Book our climbing courses in Adršpach and Teplice area by phone or email. Down you can see a beautifull climbing on edge which is tipical for here as well with cracks. thanks your climbing school and climbing courses in Adršpach and Teplice rocks.



Hallo again from our climbing courses. Summer weather is getting better and it means our climbingschool on sandstone rocks can run again without fear of rain.. Pictures down is from little rocks part near castle Bischofstein which is ideal for beginers and semi skiled .. therefore it is our favorite place for our rocks cslimbing courses in Adršpach and Teplice rocks.. So we invite you to our climbing school for our sandstone climbing adventure course... 






Hallo again.. We have a picture for you from one of the towers which you can reach on our  sandstone climbibg course.. The tower is called Cobra and it is in Teplice rocks.. So we are inviting you to our climbing school tomadventure... The two main instructors of our climbing school tomadventure you can see on this foto... So dont hasitate and book our climbing course.... thanks tomas and lucka




Hallo to everybody ... we are bringing you some pictures from our climbing courses from Adr rocks... This foto is from climbing course tomadventure from table mountain Ostas. So be welcome in our climbingschool tomadventure in Adr and Teplice rocks..




Hallo everybody there is new year for our climbing courses in Adr rocks...  You are all welcome to our climbing school tomadventure..


Hallo to everyone. Climbing season and also climbing courses in Adršpach are gone for this year. But next spring we will be hapy to meet you again on our climbingschool in Teplice and Adršpach rocks. So way not to book a climbing course tomadventure as s present for christmas.  Down you can see foto from Teplice rocks...  everybody can climb big or small ... fun for all...  

Best regards tomas and climbingschool tomadventure Adršpach


Hallo to all from the holiday climbing courses in Teplice and Adršpach rocks. Due to a often storms we have to somethimes change a plans of our climbing school in Adršpach. But almost ewerytime we find a way how to make the  climbing course in Adršpach. The most often place where we take the course in sumer is litle rock town near the castle Bischofstein. There is also small Black lake near by. It is best place to cool your self after the hot day in the rocks. In this south part of Teplice and Adršpach rock the bigest tower is called Bischop. We climbed it twice during our climbing course in Adršpach in this sumer. Thanks to all participants and best regards your climbing school in Adršpach.

Down we are puting a pictures from famous route on tower Mayor called Solstice

Despite the tropical weather in the first week of Juny we climbed during climbing course in Adršpach and Teplice rock some nice towers. With the climbers from far away Blue mountains we climbed with our climbing school Adršpach towers Castle and Amor. One of the participant was so skillful that he lead the roud Polická on tower Castle. For the less experienced we climbed a tower Comunist. The last tower on this sandstone climbing course in Adršpach was tower called Page. We partly leaded it with an Australian chap. Thank and best regards your climbingschool Adršpach. Down there you can see some crack climb from czech sandstone.


All the climbers in Adršpach are waiting for first of may because you can legaly start climbig there. So our school of climbing in Adršpach and Teplice didnt hasitateand we climbed there as well. During our course of climbing in Adršpach and Teplice we climbed for example students doble crack. The client were far from the island named Sachalin. First we climbed some towers on Crosshill and then we went down to town. Town is a simply nick name for main labyrint of Adršpach. Down you can see some picture from town. So lets come to our climbing course in Adršpach and Teplice nad try some nice crack climb. Thanks and all the best you climbing school in Adršpach.. by tomas


For some more spring motivacion for wisit our climbing courses in Teplice and Adršpach rocks we are uploading picture from first ascent on tower namen Sugar -rafinery chimeney. Picture is more than 15 years old and was made by friend Adam Praza. Thank you and we invite you to our climbing courses in Adršpach. Your school of climbing in Adršpach and Teplice rocks.


Hallo  Welcome spring and with it come new season of sandstone climbing with our climbing courses in Adršpach and climbing courses in Broumov area. So we welcome you to our climbingschool in Adršpach. Thank and best regards tomas. And for some inspiracion we load a picture of climbing on tower King. It is first climbed tower in Adršpach in 1923. Picture is not from the old original route. 


Come on and try with us how it is to sit on the top of the sandstone tower. Our courses of sandstone climbing in Adršpach and Teplice rock just started. This long winter is slowly ending and for sandstone climbing lowers start new season. So we start running our climbing courses in Adršpach as well. Come on and try to climb this impresive towers in Broumovsko area. At the beginning of season we run climbing school at Adršpach only on Křížový vrch and Ostaš. Rest of the rocks is open at May and Juny. Best regards tomas and for some motivacion we put a foto from one of the best routes in Teplice - Tsunami. Climbing me and foto was make by Honza Ježek - more on bohemiaorientalis.cz  - wery nice- thanks

Foto from Climbing courses in Adršpach rocks. Jump to tower Rose in Teplice rocks

Today Climbing course in Adršpach we spend on nice quite rocks neer by castle Bischovstein. One of the costumers try a jump beetween tower. He realy liked this experience and he enjoy our climbing school in Adršpach.
best regards tomas

We spend a nice climbing day on table moutain Ostaš. During The rock climbing course in Adršpach we have climbed 3 nice towers and we beat a rain today.. -it start raining just after we get back from the climbing courses in Adršpach area..  thanks

The winter is gone and so our rock climbing courses in Adršpach and Teplice rock has just began. So do not hesitate and discover beauty of sandstone rock towns with our climbing courses in Adšpach end Teplice rocks

We have spent the first hot summer weekend in June on the climbing course in Adrspach and Broumov rocks, mainly by the northern walls of the sand-stone towers in Křížový Vrch. When searching for shade, we have found some less frequently climbed rocks such as “Rokoko” or “První” (“The First”). Both towers are among the highest ones in the area and they offer beautiful views of Adrspach rocks and the surroundings. With an advanced participant of the climbing course, we have climbed another impressive sand-stone tower: “Maják” (“The Lighthouse”). It is quite amazing to climb this rock tower in the evening, while watching the sunset over the most famous Czech mountains – Krkonoše.

Welcome to the new year! The early sun is already warming up the rock walls in Teplice-Adrspach rocks, and so we begin the new season of the rock climbing courses in Adrspach and Broumov. There is an ideal place for the climbing courses in spring in the Broumov area: the impressive ‘mesa’ rock Hejšovina and Křížový Vrch.

If you wish to experience the exciting moments in beautiful nature, just book our climbing course in Adrspach and you will never regret. Have a good time! Tomas
Hello from the rocks! Since the first of May, about one half of the climbing areas in Adrspach, Teplice and Broumov has been finally opened for climbing. Thus, we would like to invite you all to join our course of rock climbing in Teplice-Adrspach rocks. Of course, it is possible to climb even earlier in the smaller climbing areas such as Křížový Vrch, Ostaš or Hejšovina. With several participants of the climbing course, we have already done some climbing in that area and have celebrated the beginning of the new climbing season. Thanks, Tomas Climbing courses Teplice and Adršpach Hello! The fact that we have not added any news about the climbing courses in Adrspach and Broumov for some time does not mean that they did not take place. The reason is rather the occasional unavailability of internet in our new house in a little village of Bělý. We have organized courses in the well-known climbing areas of Adrspach and Broumov and have climbed the rock towers “Polední” (“The Noon”), “Růže” (“The Rose”), “Humambo” in Bischofstein or “Ovčák” (“The Shepherd”) and “Křeslo” (“The Throne”) in Křížový Vrch. All these rock towers are ideal for climbing coursesin Adrspach, as they are quite suitable for beginners and they offer breathtaking views. In the summer courses, we have also climbed some more difficult routes such as “Dlouhý Kout na Milence” (“The Long Nook to Lovers”), “Starou Cestou na Gilotinu” (“By the Old Route to Guillotine”), “Velikonoční na Tři Obry” (“The Easter Route to Three Giants”) and a very nice cleft “Amore” – all of them in Adrspach. In Teplice, with an experienced Canadian climber, we have climbed the rock tower “Lední Medvěd” (“The Polar Bear”) and the rock cleft “Muší spárou na Lahvičky” (“The Flies´Cleft”). Further, we have also visited the climbing area of Ostaš where we have climbed the rock “Sokol” (“The Falcon”).
The indian summer has come to Teplice-Adrspach rocks earlier this season and brought chilly mornings and ideal conditions for rock climbing courses in Adrspach. The most popular location for climbing in autumn in the region of Broumov are Teplice rocks. The participants have climbed up the sand-stone rock towers Sfinga, Herinek, Slunecna, Machovanka and Krachloid. We have also visited some not so easily accessible areas of Teplice rock town and climbed up the abandoned rock tower called “Hall of Pillars” (Sloupova Sin) which no one has climbed up for several years. We have also been the first visitors of the rock tower Charleston, which is located directly by the tourist route and which can be accessed through the beautiful pitch called “Destiva.” Besides, we have climbed in the popular area of Adrspach rocks called “Krizovy Vrch ” and succeeded in conquering the most dominant tower nicknamed “Lamprda.” Finally, as last but not least, we have also climbed up the awesome rock tower “Poledni” in Adrspach. Due to the weather conditions, we had to call off our climbing courses in Teplice-Adrspach rocks for almost a whole month. Therefore, let us now go back to the climbing courses that took place during the Rock Climbing Festival in Teplice by the end of this summer. With the more advanced climbers, we have conquered the rock tower Papousek and Starostova - one of the most dominant rocks in Adrspach. Our next destinations were the less known places in Broumovske rocks: the towers Lucifer and Trepifaixl. During our next course for the less advanced climbers, we have discovered the awesome rock towers Vyhlidkova Vez in Teplice Rocks and the pitch Zluty Komin – one of the highest rocks in the area with the height of over 70m. The hot summer days allowed us to organize a couple of rock-climbing courses in Adrspach and Teplice. During the courses, the participants were trained in climbing techniques and belaying in the region Broumovsko. Beginners learned how to climb up and down from a rock tower top. With the more advanced climbers, we have climbed up the most dominant rocks of Adrspach such as Starosta, Stepanska koruna, Konsel, Studnickova Tower and the rocks Previsla Cesta, Pratelstvi Tower or the pitches Musi Spara and Stena Zelezem Zdobena in the famous climbing area “Chramove Steny.” Hallo . Since  1.7 all of sectors in Adrspach and Teplice are open. We invite you on rock climbing courses in Adrspach. Since the rocks are open we already held rock climbing course in Adrspach by descending tower Polední and sandstone climbing courses in Teplice by descending tower Větrná, Slunečná and tower Herynek

The course was held Friday, 8.10 rock climbing Adršpach - Teplice rocks. Two groups of daredevils climbed the rock tower Rose and Thorn Humambo. During the course of rock climbing in Adrspach tried except the climbing and rappelling and feeling on top of sandstone towers.


We still dont have a luck with weather condition for start climbing courses in Adršpach and Teplice rock for some inspiration there is pdf artical from our trip to australia 

EV1103_lezeni_Australie_Tasmanie.pdf - 771,64 kB
Otevřít | Uložit 

 New gallery was made today called slackline and some more movies down there..

 Adi, Peter & Maxi, Cologne, Germany:

It´s all about having fun! We are absolute beginners: mum, dad and a 12 years old boy with no climbing experience. Tomas showed us the way up to heaven. We spent two incredible days with him. We climbed 5 towers/rocks in Adrspach under his safe guidance and his endless patience. We never expected an adventure like that, a total experience for body and mind.
Tomas was able to guide us to the peak as a great team. We practiced climbing in the chimney, crack, on the face, top rope and finally abseiling.
Tomas really did open a new chapter in our lifes.
We will be back and climb with him again for sure!
He made us having the best time of our life, thanks Tomas!


Ben Kilgore: 

Tomas is probably a perfect guide.  Four things go into making a great guide:

competence, knowledge, safety, and general personability.  He's an incredibly strong climber.  I don't know what his limit is, but it's far above ours, andhe had no trouble leading every pitch we climbed.  He's been climbing in Adrspach for a very long time, and knows the place like it's his own backyard.  Complicated, maze-like approaches and intricate routefinding were no trouble at all for him.  He kept us quite safe the whole time, always making sure we were anchored even when we felt there was no need.  He wasn't a jerk about safety, but he did make us feel as though it was foremost in his mind.  Finally, he's just a spectacular person.  Two days of hard climbing with people very far below his ability, and he didn't show a single moment of impatience or exasperation.  He was consistently supportive and just a great person to spend time on the rock with.  I have climbed with a few guides before, and I'd take Tomas over any of them any time.  A great experience, which I will never forget--and Tomas was the one who made it all possible.  Thanks Tomas!


Anne Wake:

As a fairly new climber, I was slightly intimidated about the idea of climbing in Adrspach, even though my boyfriend had several years of experience. We hired Tomas after seeing him in "The Sharp End," and finding his contact info in our Lonely Planet guide. Feeling rather out of my element, what struck me most about Tomas was his demeanor. He immediately put me at ease; he clearly had a plan for us before we began, and his concern with my safety was genuine. I was also grateful for his patience. I climbed much more slowly than he and my boyfriend, yet despite the fact that he was often waiting barefoot in the hot summer sun--on multi-pitch climbs--I never once heard anything from him but sincere encouragement and helpful guidance. We had an amazing time climbing with Tomas for two incredible days, and truly, this pleasant, sweet person made it all the more an enjoyable and memorable experience.

 On weekend of 10and 11 of july climbing cours ocure in Adršpach. First day we climbed on 3 towers on Crosshill and et the end of the day we ascent tower King in Adršpach. Second day climbing course in Adršpach continuing with ascent of the hights tower called lowers. Ben  and Enie from Los Angeles enjoyed it a lot..

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